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First, find out how much you can afford (go to some loan caorllatucs that are freely available on the net). Then find out what it is you are looking for (there is a ton of variety out there, see and see what the price range is for that type of home. Revise what you are looking for until it is within your previously discovered price range (DO NOT change your price range).After you figure this most important step out talk to several local banks and see if you can pre-qualify for a loan of your price range. It's OKAY to have multiple banks checking your credit for a home mortgage at the same time so long as the checks are all within a two week period (when the credit score is calculated, it takes into account shopping around when it comes to home mortgages).After you are pre-qualified (hopefully with a few banks) choose the best pre-qualified loan for you (I recommend lower APR over lower payment, but it depends all on your personal circumstances) and then go speak with a realtor about finding the right home for you. If you don't like the realtor, find a different one, because in the end you are essentially giving them a fat commission check, and I personally wouldn't want to give that nice sized check to someone I don't like.If all goes well, you'll be moving into your new home shortly (30 to 45 days goes by fast). Start packing

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