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rating 5/5 Date: 01/12/2015
Pretty sure the 30 people who died, and the thsuoands of homeless are a result of flooding not crocodiles or snakes Reporters need to get their facts right. While there are crocodiles and lots of snakes in Australia, they are out in the bush, miles and miles away from the cities. I have only heard of one croc being found, and that was in one of the small rural towns that got hit by flash flooding, not in the cities. I lived in Australia for 25 years and have never ever seen a snake or a crocodile in the wild. If you live in urban areas (where 91% of the population line) you will be absolutely fine. I don't know a single person who has been bitten by a snake. More people die from bee stings than croc, snake, spider or shark attacks. So you really don't need to worry. Every Australian knows that if you see a snake near by just stand still and it will go away, they will only bite if you attack it or get really close. Australia is an awesome place, maybe go for a holiday for a few weeks, then you can make the decision about whether you like it or not.

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