Authentic Bintang Singlets from Bali

Sydney, NSW
bintang singlets

I love Bali: weather, waves, nasi goreng and the lovely Balinese people and culture. I love it so much, I live here full time, right in Kuta. I have a lot of mates in Aus that ask me to send them Bintang Singlets for their birthdays, or for friends and family. So I decided to open this store just for you, mate.
 (Oh! I almost forgot - I love Bintang and the good times to be had once me and my buddies stick a few cold ones in some stubby holders.)
Anyway, you can get your new Bintang Singlet here. Of course you need some new ones - I bet yours got pretty worn out while you were in Bali, and then you probably wore the hell out of them once you got home. We buy them in Bali and don't settle for cheap Chinese fakes, so you receive good Karma as well when you choose us. Seriously, we will sell you only an authentic high quality Bintang singlet, nothing less.
All shipping is free using Australian post. You'll definitely get your order, and you won't have to wait as long as you do for those free drinks at Sky Garden, right?
Keep in mind sizing. Usually it's a size down, which means that if you are a Medium, you should get an Large, and so on. Don't be shy, mate - bigger IS better.
Your transactions are safe with PayPal, so don't worry.
Get your singlet today and bring some of your good times in Bali right to your doorstep.

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