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Service so lemma into disputed green law he is a house science investigator in lecturer and much more so which we'll find out in just a moment so Peter if I took away all these titles and I just mentioned a couple but I'm sure people have called you many other titles what would be last who years Peter green law like for real well it's really Peter green law the human being that has a thirst for knowledge and discovery that I never even believed had arm ten years ago I was basically on death’s doorstep and when conventional means didn't serve mea had to look for alternatives in its let me down a path that I would never believed so I would say most importantly the time researcher for all of us I'm so interested in what's possible and there are real resolutions out there arm and that primarily what I do I mean I call myself a researcher researchers saw fit to call the titles away that's what I do I was about self-discovery it is it is about self-discovery myself on a daily basis arm as my piaster we talked this morning I went to my call my writing mine and was doing more and more research I just I find it fascinating about what's which really available I tell people althea time you know what if you didn't know what you think you know what's possible Xtreme Antler everything so that's a good way to formed to describe myself as: right yet thank you so yeah I get that you are intuitively I get it because I'm connected to you date you aren't excellent educator and when I'm curious about Peter is how do you and I know that you probably in front of thousands of people are most of the time by Tom how do you interrupt peoples not necessarily thinking way have you noticed that people not paying attention absolutely UK in there all the more correct.

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