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There are so many different kinds of pets and people have different ones based on their interests and also the time they have to care for them. Every single person may not be a dog or cat lover.Some people may have iguanas, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, lizards, squirrels, birds or fish. Many a time you will find tons of information on pet health and lifestyle regarding dogs and cats which are common house pets.But if you are more a bird lover or someone who has a lot of fish and at home then you need to know how to be able to find out if they are not feeling good or are sick. Knowing about the various pet symptoms will help you care for them better!Fish are very fragile creatures most of the time.  You have to pay close attention to them and also make sure they do not have to deal with sudden changes in the environment such as the water, temperature, the food they are used to and more. Fish live in water and any external trigger can cause a lot of discomfort.They breathe through the water and their skin so you have to be very careful handling their water. Fish tend to exhibit a behavior called flashing- that is they scratch against the decoration and the tank due to the irritation in their gills.When using cleaning products on the glass, you have to be sure it is washed completely away so as to not make the environment toxic for the fish to live in.Detergent and soaps break the slime away from the fish body and can burn the skin and gills in severe cases. Do not use any detergent on things that are going be in the aquarium water. Pet symptoms in fish may also include trouble breathing gasping, swimming listlessly or lack of appetite or energy.Caring for birds is just as important as caring for any other kind of pet you may have. They are particularly gifted at hiding signs of not being well and you need to be well tuned to their mannerisms and behavior to notice that something is not quite right.