Personal Trainer Kenmore

3/2015 Moggill Road, Kenmore, QLD 4069
(07) 3040 3715
David Blair

Fitness training at Personal Best is specially tailored to individual needs. There is no one programme that fits all. Workouts are designed based on individual fitness assessment reports. Medical problems, if any, are also taken into consideration. Assistance from the clients’ doctors or physiotherapists is sought, as and when required. Choosing to use a personal trainer to train individually or opting to train with a partner or in groups is left to the individual.

Services offered at Personal Best include personal fitness training, group fitness training, online fitness training, Toowang, Philates, boot camps and yoga. Personal trainer education and boxing courses are also offered. The idea behind these education programmes is to teach enthusiasts about the inner workings of the human body and about the body’s response to food and exercise. When people understand the what, why and how, their enthusiasm is amplified. This helps people get the most out their workouts and diets. A lot of health problems are the result of ignorance. Exercising right ensures fitness, and the unexpected side benefit is that it takes care of myriad ancillary health problems.