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NY, 10012
brall 1991

The servers Mac Address to be added to the table well this servers addresses already in the table this is a dedicatory between the switch answer one because the Mac Address is already in the Mac address table answered is not correct it would not be added its already in there before the king began and then answer e says the first frame will have a destination Mac dress observer  and that first frame is that our per quest which is a broadcast in broadcast dress is all if’s which is  ones in binary or its  hexadecimal ass which represent  ones in binary that makes E not cracked as well so the answer this question is that the first frame for the PC will be forwarded outfall ports except for port  where came in a aright discussion we have topology we also have a it was like a Mac address table for the switch and we also have a little snippet from protocol analyzer all right now for the question was evidently has in store for us server is a CPD server okay congratulations what happens if pc which is right here sends a Discoverer packet as shown in the protocol analyzer and we get used to correct answers or two best answers sole’s take a look at this for a moment so the particle analyzer has the destination layer to address is a broadcast as you would expect for a Discoverer packet and also for a moment let's just go-ahead and confirm about this Mac address table what sorry there sold Port  in this example is the printer so we know the printer has this misaddress rehear  and bad babe and the switch back to stable on port  right here which is going on laptop it's got the Mac Address is  the whole is a one day after which correlates correctly to do what is right here as well so it appears the only to Mac Address is that the switch knows about at the moment is the Mac dress hanging up support which the laptop and the Mac Address Hangover Part which is the network printer so now what happens if this broadcast descent from pc into the network and we get to choose to answer sorry answer a and he knows we have the check boxes again meaning there's more than one answer that they ‘recooking for so answer a says.

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