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Inspections and Reports

The Inspection Report

During a pest inspection in Brisbane, our technician takes notes of what he/she sights and our office staff produce a typewritten report. The report is approximately 10 pages and contains a brief description on the property and the areas we inspected.

We also advise why we have not inspected certain areas and areas of high risk where access must be gained. The presence or absence of termites (including the species if active) is also reported on, as is the presence or absence of borers and wood decay.

In addition, we provide details of potential problems and remedial action that is necessary and costs associated with any work we recommend that we perform. Some recommendations may need to be costed by other trades, e.g. plumbers, carpenters, etc.

Detecting termites outside your home

Every house is different, and that means that we must be prepared to use any and all means at our disposal to help rid your home of termites. Each of our termite specialists uses a range of different techniques and equipment to detect termites outside your home because we understand that no two termite jobs are the same.

Watch the video below to find out the methods we use to conduct a pest inspection in Brisbane.

Detecting termites inside your home

We understand that your house is your biggest asset and we are there to help you protect it. Repairing termite damage can be very expensive, which is why all our termite detection techniques are discrete and minimally invasive. We use the latest in termite detection technology to ensure that once we have completed our pest inspection in Brisbane we leave behind as little evidence as possible that we were there.

Watch the video below to see some of the methods we use to detect termites inside your home.

Equipment we use
All competent Termite Specialists use most of their senses:

  • Sight: Obvious areas (to the trained eye) where there is damage, mud oozing out of cracks, timber which is damaged, swollen or disturbed, doors which don’t fit properly or paint or timber which is discoloured.
  • Sound: Termites make a specific noise when agitated and once heard it is a case of never forgotten.
  • Smell: Termites generate methane gas. This is odourless, however because of the amount of moisture usually associated with reasonable quantities of termites there is usually odour generated by mould and rotting timber.
  • Feel: Damage can usually be felt. Either because of unevenness, weakness in timber or plaster or moisture from their workings.

In addition we also use a range of equipment that includes:

  • pest probe
  • torch
  • knife
  • ladder
  • moisture meter
  • borescope
  • termatrac
  • root probe
  • measuring wheel
  • overalls
  • knee pads
  • compass
  • pad, pen and paper

For further information on our pest inspection in Brisbane, click the links below.

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