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Other tools that your commonly used the process to diagnose a connection well generous I would say as Jim said for the eighty percent of the time you don't need much else beyond the naked eye I'm if there’s something that you were uncertain love and primarily here you're talking agoutis it but nine is a more like that as a skunk answer to something that’s thinking about becoming a skin cancer than the biopsy becomes make critical to write I'm or and some disorders diseases that the scalp for instance there's a whole host of things that something might could be but what's red and flaky and scaly in the scale hmm in here taking a piece of skins-called biopsy can differentiate these because the patterns under the microscope for quite different hmm are we use Avoir Anti Aging Serum cultures to determine mom whether blisters on the skin could be virus infection herpes virus for instance I'm Yours cultures to determine the type bacteria that may be infecting a wound we used cultures to determine if it's fungus and if so was the species a fungus that's causing trials ringworm and so form we take scrapings if the skin to diagnose the it’s my disease scabies Michael remove organisms a when making a diagnosis have had her body her pubic twice in an individual um for special types of lamps that were used to fluoresce the skin a different areas were.

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