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Operations allows you to return to work quickly but shorter hospital stays lap and is adjustable can be easily removed also considered the safest bariatric procedures ok the biggest drawbacks for the lab and isthmus lower weight loss it typically takes a person three to five years the lose the weight after lap-band and the chance to slip it above the rest I think that can happen with any surgery things like blood clot pneumonia and factions in the world there's something there are specific tholepin I'm problem that we're we hear about a month ago flip not where depends on the partners top are the stomach the stomach actually what's up above the band unblock that offer that FB1-TEST people are unable to eat or drink another one that is heard about occurred very infrequently as well called an erosion where the and actually rode through the stomach wall into inside damning when the most important things that a person has to do after they have a lab and its follow-up with their position the average person needs to follow up in the office at least 68 times in the first year to be successful long term at the lab at adjustments are really critical part black man functioning we talk about green yellow and red zone the goal been a green then we're filling thought if I'm small portion and moving one or two pounds per week.

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