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On that's what I was level with you hmm just emphasize I work with and needs to have her baby must be a US citizen or permanent resident of the US for the past two years and have a good credit score we have another question moraine with the US cut I nor can I secure a loan before entering the United States I'd like to be financially secure were committing to complete my masters degree in Chaplin traveled to States well that’s a great question I'm you can apply forever alone anywhere around the world I'm don't have to in US when you do so now usually you will need to be admitted enrolled into you school bus or on the long be finalized because the funds must be sent to the school answered my school or and he finds it before you actually receive any of those on depending on what you need a loan or home for example if you’re trying to apply for a visa and show proof for funds to be granted a visa I'm sometimes your school or your possible school can work with your conflict to allow to show %uh an initial approval %uh your mom I shoe that's you can be granted apiece on I just need to check with and it's not always easy to do that so Derma Youth Pro on in general you should have a visa and be enrolled in your school hired you a alone being I nights you can't go anywhere in the world Ashley's and I have been granted admission for the fall semester in 2014 as a freshman and do juries you may I 20 documents within the next couple of days do I require alone before I will be granted a visa or do I need a visa before being granted but won't be in hell I'm this guy I'm because I did when I was just talking about usually to get your keys %uh I'm you have to show proof of funds I usually for your opponent you have to show you have been granted a visa already soon it can be a catch 22 sometimes but it’s not impossible I'd check.

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