Diversify Offshore Staffing Solutions

Sydney, NSW
1300 308 958

Diversify Offshore Staffing Solutions is an Australian owned offshore solutions provider, working with medium, large, and listed businesses to provide access to digitally-empowered global workforces in Manila, The Philippines. With over 650 staff servicing clients in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Europe, the company is committed to delivering successful offshoring strategies that fulfill their client's business objectives.

Diversify OSS empowers organisations through cost-effective, sustainable workforce solutions and believe that offshore outsourcing provides the platform to deliver integrated solutions that bring like-minded businesses and teams together to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Diverisfy promotes ethical, responsible, and sustainable approach to staff engagement and management.

Diversify OSS' service begins by studying and understanding the industry and then design an offshore strategy that is specifically tailored to the client's business needs.The company coordinates recruitment and onboarding of new team members and help their clients to integrate them as part of their workforce while ensuring that the team continues to operate smoothly to help you achieve your long-term business goals.