From Jenny in Florida are Jenny wants to know during rest curious what we see depleting ATP pp fight doing cardio during that rest fabulous through our channel is good question year your body is contractor replenishing the fast pitch in energy system jenny's three we don't have to worry about that passage in Energy Systems here and in our world it is 31-year-old where they have are a macro nutrient deficiencies MMA Muscle Pro— SYED BILAL I think that could be a problem but in the North American even North American South America world we live in right now friend are phenomenon what will not occur that's a very interesting question I'm did you all very successfully replenish on the passage in Energy Systems question on that okay this is %uh from eastern Massachusetts I reset after a really good question what about clients whose main goal is to lose weight that mister this is really think one of the highlights for this presentation is the following this presentation was how to build muscle and utilized.

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