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Now they're even come close to what the Rolling Stones the Beatles dead or yes or you know heart or anybody I mean I don't know what was going on while I think I do know what was going on in the sixties I think that had a lot to do with everything just a gigantic creative bursts too bad it wasn't grounded in holistic medical nutrition because just spice stopping eating the wrong foods and giving your body the right stuff every day you're going to be able to weather the storms of life with grace now there is a certain amount of stress is going to break anybody you know even Superman right kryptonite that’s going to get me I don't care how strong the building is if you apply and of stress it enough pressure to the support beams its going to collapse right there is a bomb that’s going to blow up anything no matter how strong it as there's a certain amount of stress brain ammo that will topple even the Roman Empire but you know for all intents and purposes for normal day to day stuff just providing your body with the fundamental raw materials it needs to optimize its health I mean that's not abed idea how can that be a bad idea not only is it not a bad idea it is almost eke said look and idea here love how you feel folks you have been I up could shoulder in capitulated and lied to by the pharmaceutical industry into believing that the human body is just a machine and when I'm sick by only recourse is to pick got drug addict.

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