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We don't know much about yet but look we've done some experiments so let's repeat these experiments from the viewpoint have a physicist my hands are six pack watch mittens realized was that every electronic device is a potential random event generator cockpit of an airplane is full of such instruments if the pilots mind affected them here it could be highly dangerous at first Boeing supporting his work but later withdrew the chance have such theoretical dangers becoming real seem to remote by which made remains convinced by its results your body existence Turkish Conn is a I have no doubts about the existence ofcytokinesis d but I quite understand the doubts army college Ryan's even when I was reading runs things it was too distant he didn't really mean much to me and I was only convinced when I did my 0 experiments pick him up at princetonuniversity other scientists were also beginning to take an interest in psycho Kinesis in 1979 the engineering faculty neuro3x set up the pair Institute headed up by Professor Robert John I'm the word hair is an acronym p he a are p for Princeton he for engineering a for anomalous arm for research so we are a laboratory in an academic environment that is attempting to study the engineering aspect have anomalous mind correlated from the once again it was an aircraft manufacturing company that was interested in these strange forces this the first major supporter program was James S McDonald the patriarch home the mcdonnell-douglas aerospace corporation the company had recently experienced a series of mysterious fatal crashes they needed to find explanations could PK be the cause statement to mews that he could not in good conscience put a young man in the cockpit F-eighteen can be totally confident that he and times stressed come back door other emergency situations that followed the equipment that was controlling airplane was not somehow being disturbed by the emotional state.




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