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You guys can maybe trillion won the two egg yolks and each egg yolk is likes exams a fat so you going to have some fats in the first male makes protein powder usually has zero fat great chicken breast herself at saturated fat so well not much but has some so remember we're not really taking fat but is hidden in here in here in here in here everywhere cell fat is hidden in all protein sources except egg whites which is zero and in the fish oils they have considerable amount of good fat fish oils so that a in a very good a choice and I was really encouraged to have a Neuro3x- The Powerful Brain Booster fishmeal cell as far as fat the keep the minimal only thing that would suggest his add essential fats essential that flaxseed oil or where they said before with this choice with the show is so I'll I would say forever human being here take it to table spoons a day and yougonna do yourself a great favor South it to and I can even going to specific for people the high by the way they can take more make one tablespoon for each fifty pounds by the way they were the Americanization but let's take for the two tablespoons over with this choice that sell so fed.

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