OSMO Patch

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The OSMO Patch is a natural, drug-free treatment for selective inflammatory and sporting injuries such as for bursitis and baker’s cysts.
It contains an absorbent composition which sits between an outer webbing and inner webbing. The patch is applied directly onto the skin over the area of inflammation/swelling and held in place via an adhesive. The inner webbing is a membrane that allows trans-dermal movement of body fluids into the centre of the patch. The content within the patch has the unique ability to actively induce the movement of body fluids through the skin and into the patch leading to the subsequent removal of excess inflammatory fluids from inflamed/swollen body regions via Osmosis, hence coined the OSMO Patch.

Product salespoints:
* Natural
* Drug free
* Non - Invasive
* Works whilst you sleep
* Affordable
* Intellectual property protection