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 your muscles will be noticeably denser harder and four within days formula for its called the training strain factor you will discover your exact nutritional needs for muscle maintenance based on detail personal characteristics and you’re exactly training regiment this formula will teach you what your body needs to maintain and hold onto olive your lean muscle gains with these four formulas being the core components need to quickly and safely drive you lean muscle growth let's take a look at what else this amazingly simple and easy to use system will do for you protein precision recovery you will discover precisely what your post-workout shake needs to have and what they can't have to maximize muscle gains without giving your body a chance to put on any fat this is custom for you this is not a generic take 50 grams of protein and 75 grams of crabs magazine approach water tracker water could be the most under-appreciated misunderstood nutrient there is you learn precisely how much water your body needs to maximize your muscle gains and optimize fat mobilization transformation tracker you will have easy to understand charts and graphs the track your transformation progress and we'll make sure you are on the fast as possible pace to your new leaner more muscular physique customizing your nutrition to your results like this is how the best physics on the planetary built as cool as this system is it's not for everyone if just fitting in with your friends weekend warriors are average looking guys who have parted the workout is your goal then this system is not for you however. 

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