Muscle Builder

Your muscle so from the Apple American Bash 325-pound it not only best a hundred pounds in my workout that isn't raining at very low intensity level about ray near air 300-350 internally house almost near my maximum a way that I can expressed then that he isn’t there a high-intensity and is about much information you need concerning bass are slow twitch fibers and the intensity level enough to understand a this is another theory to get you going to get the results you're looking for thanks for watching this video so far in the next section under cover the next important par %uh the muscle fibers and we're talking about the rat race and how this information right here will determine how many arrests you need to do for your exercise D it at home what your goals were you resolve you’re looking for our so I’ll see you in the next video going to go mediator review much as I get a lot of questions rose only about who s who log I was in progress although conscious to a concert is one of the most important things pulling out about what does the go I mean my okay min alike breaking mission coming revolution you a single muscle them know so it was with my work is that we will take it out of context now waiting another usually say this is because it was on his way for the simian I'm getting stronger but I'm not getting Blackline Elite big what was wrong and I get was so each other clicked inky head as I did like getting some race this AM getting stronger my vigil to believe that as long as you increase the way on whatever size you doing all this on your own you sounds right but if you want their factor that makes the whole the only questions as to the math engineering both stuff last and it allows me to not only the big picture things look at the gills and use of my own little details news my look at the big picture do it was the perspective changes look at each other hey I'm getting stronger she a bigger image le sense when he's only going to hold the big picture but I don't care who she and her body grows and why grows wild ass use doesn't say what somebody strong view you have I'm yeah as it sounds I'm again you do you need help you with your be hell he had with you be and I split primarily not to stretch.

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