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so you could potentially end up in thecae where this link is not used so this one's at 0 percent utilization and these wonder at a hundred percent utilization so even though there's multiple   GMAXpass in the network this one is disabled all the time so the person has but that's just go atilt was to say why haven't we separate these into different decisions based on the meal at so I'm going to run one instance a spanning tree for every be learned that I define which means that maybe for my view than100 I want to forward the traffic in this direction but for a different feel and say 4101 if you want to send the traffic in this direction but since the Mac Address tables are separate between the lands it's not really going to cause a problem if we formed a certain set a Mac Address is one way and not the other and vice versa Islam is the ultimate problem is avoided where the traffic goes in this direction and then comes back so this enhancement they came up with is known as perky lawn spanning tree or PTSD and sometimes thesis called the DST plus is internally they have two different variations that this is what this which is run by default is perky man spanning  GMAX tree plus you can see this on them if you look at simply the show spanning tree says that the spanning tree protocol is an able the type a protocol is IEEE this means that we're running a protocol that is compatible with the standard of spanning tree because these any these numbers that start with the are 80 to use these are defined by the other IEEE organization like in thecae of either net even as defined by 80 2.3 then.


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