Stride Mental Health Springwood

Level 3, 2-7 Murrajong Road, Springwood, QLD 4127
1300 00 1907
Michelle Wade

Stride Hub offers short- to medium-term support, both in the hub and through outreach in the Brisbane South community.
We work with people facing severe and complex mental health challenges,
their families, and carers to provide person-centred, recovery-oriented support. Our Stride Hub takes a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing including offering support for the physical and social needs of every person
we support.
Our services include:
• Mental Health Clinical Care and Coordination (MHCCC)
• Commonwealth Psychosocial Support Program (CPSP)
• DBT Skills Lite Group Program
• PeerZone Group Program
At Stride we’re 100% dedicated to helping people with complex needs live better. We do this through offering a variety of integrated services designed to meet each person’s individual mental health.