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Our leading stock report is suitable for those wanting to trade the market themselves while at the same time profit from the years of experience at Coast Capital. The Coast Capital CFD report tells you what stocks to buy and when, all of which you can manage through your own CFD provider. Alternatively, the Coast Capital CFD trading service is the right choice for those wanting an actively managed CFD investment.

2.00 out of 5 from 12 reviews
rating 1/5 Date: 07/03/2023
To the reviewer 22/5/22, I note this is recent, we are doing an article about serial financial scammers. Not sure if you would be prepared for a confidential chat, or how we would contact each other. Hopefully you will see this and we can somehow touch base.
rating 1/5 Date: 22/05/2022
Scott Logan is not only a liar and a cheat but also a serial debtor.
rating 5/5 Date: 05/10/2015
My response to these comments after being made aware of them. At no stage did I steal or commit fraud as per some suggestions on this site. I was subjected to an extensive ASIC review of my business. And there was ZERO evidence I did anything other than select poor trades and traded poorly. So whilst these people making these comments are wrong dare I say defamatory, I am sure they will still disagree. But ASIC investigated thoroughly. Now I am sorry for people's trading losses, I simply was not good enough, for a variety of reasons. In addition at no stage in my trading career have I driven flash cars, or lived a lavish lifestyle off other people's money. I can sleep at night knowing I tried my very best to profit from trading. Yes I made mistakes in terms of ASIC rules and for those mistakes I have / am paying the price. So again I apologise for trading losses but I would like to also say. It's easy to blame others in the game of trading. But please don't defame and make accusations that you have no proof of and or ASIC didn't discover. All I have ever done is tired my best. And I am still am.
rating 1/5 Date: 09/09/2015
Lost all my money courtesy of Scott Logan. His intention is simply to drain your account as soon as possible thru Halifax. Have no idea why he needs to resort to scamming the very people who trusted him as he knows how to work the markets. He really belongs in jail.
rating 5/5 Date: 15/05/2015
What I find amazing about the game of speculation / trading is people are always quick to blame others for their losses. Here is a tip - never trade CFDs, derivatives and the like if you aren't prepared to lose. So this bloke lost $38000 of clients money. Big deal - what about the scamming financial planners at Macquarie Bank, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank etc. oh what's more - what about he computer programmers at Macquarie who write algorithms to manipulate the "free" market or front run Reserve Bank interest rate announcements. Of course this is all ok because they are too big to fail.
rating 1/5 Date: 12/05/2015
Here I was thinking all this time I was the only one and then I found these reviews. Wow he stole all your money too...yep he got me good. Straight from my bank account into his.
rating 1/5 Date: 29/07/2014
Scott Logan (Halifax) is a clever thief who will steal your money by making it look like it was lost on the market. He does this by trading your account against his account with a rapid succession of trades, thus syphoning off your money. He is doomed to hell. Never trust him, ever.
rating 1/5 Date: 21/02/2014
I made some money from Scott's free phone texts. It all reversed when i foolishly made the mistake of signing up. Remember, he works for Halifax.
rating 5/5 Date: 11/01/2014
I made a lot of money with coast capital and Scott Logan. The problem I see with people who write bad reviews is they don't understand that trading has ups and downs and is a marathon. I made over 5 times my money in one year but along the way I did experience drawdowns. No one likes drawdowns but that's part of the game. One thing I know from trading markets is - people always quick to blame others when things don't go so well and never say anything when things going well
rating 1/5 Date: 03/12/2013
I too lost my money with Scott Logan, there were no transaction reports or trading statements, just a round about story we got dusted by the market. For someone whom is supposed to have great market experience his risk strategy and stop loss settings are abismal. maybe he did not loose on the market , just spun a yarn and stol my money. Lest Not forget Scotty Boy. Every dog has his day and yours is yey to come.
rating 1/5 Date: 01/10/2013
I sympathise with you, I too lost more than you want to know in a similar way, a complete scam. He has or had the tricks to convince you of his marketing prowess. All i can say is never ever trust Scott Logan. He is a rip off merchant.
rating 1/5 Date: 25/06/2013
Handed over my money to Scott Logan of Coast Capital for CFD investing with Halifax. Within a couple of months the account was gone. Coast Capital is a scam and they will quickly steal your money while making it look like they lost it on the market.

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