CCNA: Cisco certified network associate : exam notes ...

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That the timers are incorrect on are three well let's go check about another neighbor ship didn't form between our three and r2 there was a neighbor ship successfully between our two an r1 so let's go check out our 3's forestland see if that might be the problem so here in our 30 do a show I P OS PF interface now in a live environment we could do things like show IPOs PF interface FA 0 flak 0 and just see the Dovetails for that specific interface but let's say for whatever reason that we want to use this command but we're in a simulated environment that doesn't support well we do what we could do is just to as how IPOs bf interface that will show us all %uh the interface information regarding OS PF and then we could get a scroll through to the part that we needed the key element is that we need to make sure we can use the commands to get to the relevant details and in this question the question was about the timers are the timers incorrect on our three sphere’s the FA 00 interface and here the whole oh and dead internal and.

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