Leela Indian Food Bar - Gerrard

1386 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON, M4L 1Z2, Ca, Ontario, M4L 1Z

Are you looking for Best Top Indian Restaurant in Gerrard Street, Toronto? Leela Indian Food Bar is the Best Indian Restaurant for Top Indian Food in Gerrard Street, Toronto with Delicious Halal Places. Also Famous Indian Cuisine like Chaat, Best Butter Chicken, Falooda, Sweet Paans, Kulfi, Mango Shake.

Leela Indian Food Bar is a true Indian restaurant serving a wide range of Indian food. We use only fresh local produce of high quality to ensure a healthy living. We use age old Indian spices that has sought to have medical advantages that is put together in concert by different chefs’ each with different skills / talents resulting in different flavors and colors of food from all regions in India. We serve only Indian Food, Order now! And Reserve your table Today!