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I didn't like high school science that much 0 there's always the answer in the back of the book and what you're trying to do is get yourself through something that other people have already invented at Rice University David majored in literature but while hews supposed to be reading the classics he found himself wandering into different part of the stacks neuroscience section and it never struck Neuro3x me that I might actually going to a career in neuroscience tell a friend of mine suggested that he said well once you become a neuroscientist want to study the brains are career and it just felt like oh yeah of course after receiving his PHD from the Baylor College of Medicine he opened his own guerrilla style lamp where he look for unique ways to show how the brain creates reality 0 that's when he started reading about peculiar condition that had never been systematically studied synesthesia I just view anesthesia as a different way of perceiving the world where people blend unrelated senses Acer always read and inns are green so they're letters and numbers have colors Vero is white on one is black to is kind of like Pete colored to his future for the field music as if it's floating around them I would feel things I guess starting from below me and behind me spiraling up going to this can arrange an unending somewhere in the corner of when I used to do spelling bees it was really easy for me to reproduce the spelling of the word based on the colors I would see and I was in eighth grade.


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