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sharon hartwell

I was my one chance to spend time with my kids all week so I couldn’t skip that I felt I had failed at everything else but I was determined not to sales at that so I was hoping to squeeze in a couple of movies maybe some video games with the kids and basically just vet out on the couch eating candy drinking soda and picking out our usual weekend visitation retain as I sat there with my mind racing I felt my phone vibrate subtle it outside of my senate just sent me a text atlas a clamor of hope in my dark little world a small smile spread across my face as though he's just as excited to see me as understand him maybe taxes about a movie he wants to watch arrest snack he wants me to grab or maybe even just a Texas say he was mean can't wait to see me instead what I saw flooded my last refuge of how it broke my heart and ultimately it set me free his words pierced me like a nice through my heart and open my eyes to just how bad my weight problem have become remember how I said I wanted to be good bad.

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How can I lose weight in NY
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How can I lose weight in NY
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weight lose in NY
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