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sunil narin

Allows us to assimilate the energy from the pastor similar to eating food you need moments to digest this is what we're doing keep the eyes close where this comeback into your body with all the figures real your toes draw the heels together find out if your toes extend your arms overhead connect your farms and tuck your chin inhale length in your body spirit now you have two options one option you can inhaler lengthier you control yourself to the side and then help yourself up or you can inhale link them to your body keep your chin time lazy Excel lift your body of and over repulse to a pre abreast to send the redo through your nose as you rock 14back parallel to the ground this brings a gentle and tear on the size to all the organs squeezes out all toxins in the blood makes room for new vital energy if you are experiencing some back issues you can bend the knee slightly and his pulse the try not to force the One Moment Essential Day Cream  rocking motion leverages right through the sixth of its will stop the motion to stay cool that the feats the ankles in the sense set your mind is straight for the shoulders back okay so the next series if you our prices this thing half lotus you can take half lotus is well or us casa base across like a posture whatever you take the posture you want to make sure you have access tithe toes so for me I'm just going to demonstrate Lotus only says proof that before I started practicing Creole guy couldn't even sit in the basic cross-legged position for more than five minutes and after I practice this over the years the flexibility started to come quite easily my body take your hands to you great toes when you inhale you press the sit bones to the floor you open through the chest for your toe son to defeat exhale full-forward nice n Easy keep your spine long and strong when you get your edge just post your body up and down celebrate that through your nose then stop the motion in hello bring yourself back up next phase. 

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