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Body fat down by nine percent and I lost three inches off my waist and two inches of my head yeah think kellyanne I'm going to hurt my team her back eight nine months now start a major issue for me they really needed help resolve a graduated from college started working a desk job just like Heather started growing at the waistline and that’s not fun so I have to wear my teachers in programming my first two months lost 17 pounds and an Internet half of my waist cap going live to tell about 25 pounds put on a pound lean muscle dropped four inches off my waist feel ridiculous and I'm still going to start a bikini challenge like never had in my life and I'm fired up the bouncer the man looked like an athlete is just incredible I get to do here in dream for a year now crazy it's amazing and now I'm when I first mentality out other way actor dancer thought I was doing it right but definitely wasn't pushing tin pan in three and a half months I got my body fat I'm by at least 20 percent my energy out thereof like bow I got off a coffee and now I love the Trend I just feel amazing yeah okay but I don't think have not been a caution team played a part now and on I have background a collegiate lacrosse almost two hundred versilla skin  fifteen how's my prime a lot a lot that not the healthy way you know skipping meals like about that I had digital's going on heathen my program hot shots of house through an app percent body fat not figure I might as well go away K used to being bigger anyway so gone are like 24 live rebuild strength or not and %uh put up 14 pounds only Muslim Three mole also down other two percent body fat back to single digits there and I'm going to catch on a team forth past year and a half I was running in 78 miles a day I was counting calories and I just felt terrible I came down here I got so inspired by so many other health result and I jumped on my nutrition program I ended up losing and five home five percent body fat.

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