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I'll get to those in a minute they might be asking yourself is diet really more important than the training well just look at it like this for a second if you hit the gym often inconsistently you might work out save five hours per week now five hours in the gym per week every week is a lot by the way that's right up there with the amount of time some pro bodybuilders and fitness models but then okay do the map that the total just three percent of your week you spend the gym it's the ninety-seven percent of the time that you're not in the GM when your muscles grow and recover it’s in this ninety-seven percent over week that we need to be fueling our muscles properly with the right nutrients at the right time to enable the growth and recovery to occur okay here the three biggest mistakes being made right now that can be holding you back from putting on the muscle you deserve and here's the thing it's not your fault the truth hasn't got here yet it's been hidden behindmulti-million-dollar supplement campaigns and incorrect all school bodybuilding approaches Intel now warning well you're about to hear might directly contradict everything you have learned or I've been told the world bodybuilding nutrition mistake number one the I’d healthy approach let me explain see. 

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