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Because all the justices were appointed by federalists and in fact a good number of the states including my home state of Massachusetts said that the Sedition law was most excellent it's about time we have this thing to stop all these scurrilous things being said about our wise president Suffolk good all Massachusetts' growing up the country for two hundred years I yeah I know I'm Sale comes I coming for message I mean I don't live in Massachusetts anymore but boy do we have lot to answer for so I don't want people's come to me and say oh I'm from such and such statements so sorry that we produce such as such politician and I just sit there like I can't say award Michael connivance at these poor people so Jeff is a summary and is this Testcore Pro forecourt is not going to work but even if it would work in the sense that it might give you the ruling 

you want from Jefferson’s point of view the federal government is the problem Supreme Court is a branch of the problem you don't refer a dispute like this between the state and the federal government to the federal government it would be like you and I are having dispute I say oh I have just the impartial arbiter for this my mother alright she's a fair-.minded wonderful woman,

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