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I don't think phillip mountain man was I getting my own you know why would they go into like abuse nothing that song and events like in because it was an amazing thing theca yeah that's where it to it %uh and honey is incredibly nutrient dense I mean it is literally its be fuel you know it like it is a or fuel zone I think that honey is a -ism is a very good part a healthy diet to be really honest and I even more never had mentioned that there's actually some evidence that honey can be good for diabetics and I don't know I'm not doing medical advice on what has been general statement by her I it does have E if you get Avery high quality unfiltered raw honey it can actually have an effect on tour Amman Jordanians one response which is she really is when ask or the other like that I put out there really do want to talk about is the study from cyber city about fish oil versus krill oil because a gal yeah I get this question a lot the title of the up the post waspish and krill oil both work Testostorm but their effects on your genes are far from identical pill may be better for the obese while fish act as a fat modulator in the lean so its kind in Jimmy's religiously butt the very end he sort of the bottom line basically is that is what I've settled all before is that krill oil is more bioavailable on too much fish oil cans basically sorta clog your liver and then liter other issues now is true up and it's not you know that you know cut two or three grams a day or whatever is fine but if you don't think that they're just going to overload or destroy one's going to make things great it doesn't quite work that way and actually again ticking for a clogged toilet the liver.

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