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I can imagine how many questions George Butler must still here %uh was like you know to worry anal a during the filming of pumping iron so income ways it's a little bit like that I get a lot of questions or comments on the YouTube channel and I am the owner of their YouTube channel I started back in 2005 and originally it was just you have able trailers for the visa I'm created for vinyl is really with the increase and Monica Brant and you'll find a lot of those videos on my channel you'll also find Goji Vita deliver see a on the channel so thing about this saying right now it’s over the filling in the gaps um I'm going to talk about a little bit about the answering the questions that are you with Leonardo talk a little bit about small things to do so it was interesting and cut I taught by girl fitness you know all the so home I had a question from a gentleman and his name is jets on shit homier and this question was why can strongman characters lose more weight and bodybuilders who a strong in a Mariners lose fat if new muscle that's a good question I remember back when I started by Billy May 1985 and.

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How can I lose weight in NY
you want to about if you want the bathroom yet I really how all the stuff improves all over the ...
How can I lose weight in NY
months down the road ask yourself how I came this way where is she here places more like checking ...
How you can get or conceive a favorable increase for health Goji Vita in VI
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