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Being up a lead ID is basically a diet that's high-fat low-crab what they are Paleolithic ancestors have for carbohydrates they had none you even in Neolithic times love you in our recent history we didn't have cars we didn't have bread we didn't have grains we didn't have fruit they know there might be an occasional blueberry in the late summer early fall but by and large wheels always been on high-fat low-crab diet with animal protein now again to make a very important point that is that you know the animal protein that we get today that that's used yeah and in the studies that come out talking negatively about eating animal protein it's really dangerous food you know this grain fed Game grain-fed hormone injected antibiotic treated I food surpassed as somehow Nitric Max Muscle being helpful are really dangerous so I am-suggesting is you've got to be quite selective in your food choices here to stay let’s assess whether a person eat meat or not and then determine what the health risks are really isn't fair comparing you grassroots-fed beef to the typical commercial upbeat echoes and fast foods for example said the whole Akin diet you know I the high-fat low-crab a no crab really that diet was about eating any means what am I right and I think that fact there are some criticisms towards that notion you know again it's not like I’m advocating pork rinds and bacon to be eating now you know it as a good food for choice after.

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