How to build muscle

You using your video questions both sides trying them out this week I get that studio temples series that I created you guys the weeks ago just got caught up with some other things that I'm my other projects I'll get that outdo you excited to make these videos for you keep watching Supporting Actor she starting XI ogle the you know it's silly with Joe Elliott you got strength questions and I've got your hands go Ellie the today we got a great question about building a bigger thicker and stronger neck for rugby and for other sports check them out you idiot goes transgressions you going on says I just want to make sure that I can do everything I can special ago nice strong cool because I rely on sucrose it is I may still be stable on already know the boys are to blame for this year I know imp art average of 35 this will allow it on so nice traumatic strong but must from Co on the dirty stuff from a make or bridging which is outrageous longer Bach I’m just still roll your night I'm not really worked up about overdue for a couple weeks like couple what counts were on them up my box office gross a lot grounds works though I'm bombs get secret Muslim ballots already know any other neck exercises on me we did not over over repeatedly there's no already local process is non related Testcore Pro to anything I don't know how to make you waited that has make that the straight games for it so if you've got any so point is to how to get a really strong man lost in for like covert rob son shit just making sure I don’t look around to growing the top the really tried like of a boxing stuff not know much about this is a good posture a good but it was so he was writing the scrums I'm numb yeah anything he can get to help I'll be fine alright man thanks for your question and you are 100 percent correct when you say that you don't want to develop muscular imbalance in the neck and some exercise that you're using are probably going to do that's what I'm going to show you today is how to develop a well balance must bought neck musculature so that you can continue to thicken it with more muscle more strike without sacrificing the integrity of your structure the majority of people have really tight muscles in the back at their net the part that helps them extend their neck call these the sub occipital zany these are the these upper cervical extenders extend your neck when they become over developed in relation to you deep cervical plexus the in for info highway muscles the strap muscles your neck you end up having a posture like this right and I mean did everybody does agate should hang out like that you're easy target source in rugby or boxing our sport where someone's going to want to knock your head of your head is already half way of because you've got that muscular imbalance the reason why that occurs a mother a number of reasons number one is just40 programming you know just bad workout programs but the other causes for cheaper the majority people who don't train.




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How to build muscle fast in NY
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How to build muscle fast in NY
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How to build your muscle in NY
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