How to Get Stronger Muscles

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I don't remember they don't even understand this a where to buy reactivate which fire and this is very crucial guys yes understand this concept you can be an excellent trainer in get really good result Jan is that you have to understand when the body activates the strength and speed fiber and when it activates the entire inspired any for you understand that you have to understand why the human body has these two different actor five years and the reason why has it is because for survival region member to evolution the human body had the ball to become what it is today in order for us to survive to run away from a saber tooth tiger or from tyrannosaurus red from the had danger we have to have the Xtreme Nitro ability to just exploded and get out of the way as allies chased her ass down to combine our ass okay so because of that nature mother nature evolve human body so that it has the strength and speed by after so exploding get the hell away and get around to safety now these endurance fires are normally used for just everyday activity from there I’m looking these up whiteboard markers are right here and is walking around the house and is picking up paper tacking on the computer then he uses the end there in five years because it doesn't have to contract it doesn't have a contract very fast now East ranked by ever since the buyer they contract very fast so that when you need to haul ass you can contract get your danger rights because that there is a special type fuel that this uses and as a special pack a few love issues and I'll go into that little bit later but first I saw I want you to understand this is the protectors for safety and this is unit because it’s the only muscles that can grow inside the human body now you might hear it is often referred to as the on the bass a twist you right here or you might refer to its the white fighters you and you might even here me for two at high 'me one type 2 muscle fires back to and these right here are often referred to as the red fighters or slow twitch or you might hear referred to as high one now all these does not matter annually you get this wrong Westpac to work three.



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How to Get Stronger Muscles in NY
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How to Get Stronger Muscles in NY
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How to Get Stronger Muscles in NY
enjoy yourself so you should enjoy it. How to Get Stronger Muscles ...