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What is Hotel Management Software?

Hotel management software helps hoteliers manage front desk tasks and day-to-day operations, from room bookings and visitor services to sales and marketing. These specialized property management solutions may be sold as desktop or cloud applications, with the latter providing more mouldability for staff to engage with visitors and maintain greater control over the property.

While the full set of  characteristics between hotel management products varies, users can at least expect reservation and room management, guest CRM, staff workflow management, and email communication  characteristics. Some products may offer restaurant POS functionality for on-premise dining, native or integrated vendor management, and marketing and loyalty program  capacities.

Basic financial reporting and accounting  characteristics usually exist as well, however, integration with dedicated accounting software may be required.

For larger hotels and chains, hotel management software is  required to provide a smooth check-in and check-out procedure for guests, improve staff productivity, and optimize revenue. Products in this category go beyond managing reservation systems to cover the entire visitor journey and keep daily operations running.

In contrast, products in CruisePro’s hotel reservations software category are point solutions for smaller hotel and lodging businesses that easily need a booking engine. For this reason, products in these two classifications are mutually exclusive.

CruisePro - Hotel Management Software is an Online Hotel Management Software that delivers you with the ease and flexibility to manage reservations and bookings through its online module.

In addition to online bookings and reservations you can also manage a host of front office  enterprises like check in/ checkout, general financial accounting and business report generation.


CruisePro is equipped to handle the most complex booking policies and is also simply customizable to suit your specific needs. Using a simple and user friendly reservation interface that can be simply integrated into your hotel’s website, CruisePro makes online reservations an simple and hassle free experience for your guests. On the confirmation of the booking, the user will  accept a confirmation email, notifying him of his login details.

What is the best hotel Management software?

As with any brand or product, the best is one that understands the motivations and needs of its conumers.

For small hotels, CruisePro is exactly this. CruisePro was created specifically with small properties in mind – if your property has more than 30 rooms CruisePro  will offer an different that will serve your business better.

This means the challenges of small  arrangement operators are well understood. In fact, to make it even uncomplicated on consumers CruisePro can be used as an all-in-one system consisting of a front desk (property management) system, booking engine, and channel manager – along with a website designer and payments solution.

This ensures your systems are always integrated and working together as one, with you allowed to to manage them quickly and easily usually with a few clicks.

Generally, to select the best hotel management software you should take these factors into account:

Ø Overall brand reputation

Ø Functionality

Ø Integration power

Ø User experience and design

Ø Features

Ø Cost

Ø Training and support

You can already see how much research is needed, use these considerations to narrow your  recourses down to a more digestible list.

How do Hotel Management Software Works?

Hotel Management Software is online reservation system that procedures all hotel reservations made through hotel website and manage hotel room accessibility and bookings online. It also provides instant confirmation for hotel bookings and increase consumer experience.

Hotel Management Software is online software that allows visitors to schedules the dates and length of the stay, choose room types and make payments in one place.

Now-a- days, most of the travelers book hotels online, so Hotels are looking for an online system to augment their hotel revenues.

Hotel Management Software is complete Hotel Booking IT Solution comes with Hotel Quotation Booking System for travel  representative, tour operator and hotel chains to collect the inventory of hotels from multiple sources to present their customers with the best prices including bedbanks and channel managers and direct contracts.

Find the best Hotel Management Software that simplify hotel operations, increase effectiveness and maximize online bookings.

In this time, CruisePro Hotel Management Software is the best choice.

CruisePro is a most significant Travel Software Development Company offers the  greatest Hotel Booking Software with the key role of Hotel Extranet, OTH, Hotel XML IN, Hotel XML Out and Hotel Channel Manager for hotels to automate day-to-day hotel management operations and maximize  earnings.

What Are The Main Benefits of Hotel Management Software?

With the advances in technology, the software requires of a business change over time. If the current software you are using for your hotel is out of date, it may be holding your business back and stop you from gaining productivity. By selecting the right hotel management software.

Ø Reduce costs by automating tasks

Ø Increase revenue by automating marketing and revenue management

Ø Enhance staff efficiency

Ø Improve productivity

Ø Streamline accounts

Ø Replace paperwork processes

Ø Communicate more effectively with customers

Ø Keep your booking dashboard updated at all times

Ø Charge extra for late arrivals or check-ins/check-outs

Ø Customise check-in/check-out email templates

Ø Personalise bookings and price plans

Ø Cost effective solution.

Ø Enhances performance of manpower and resources.

Ø Helps in reducing cumbersome paperwork and maintenance of records.

Ø Checks frauds and clerical errors

Ø Immediate access to critical MIS reports for instant decision making.

Ø Archives statements and reports for statistical analysis purposes.

Ø Conducts an Uninterrupted Night Audit.

Here is the list of hotel booking system features:

Ø Hotel Reservation Management

Ø Channel Management

Ø Hotel API Integration

Ø Back-office management

Ø Multiple-currency feature

Ø Multilanguage feature

Ø Payment Gateway Integration

Ø Search and Book Functionality

Ø Mobile-responsive design

Ø Detailed Reports


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