Economy Hearing

61 Davey St, Hobart, TAS 7000
Kevin Brown

Economy Hearing is a family owned and operated online hearing aid store designed deliver simple, affordable and effective solutions to hearing loss. We want our clients to stop missing out on the conversation with friends, family and loved ones and reconnect with the world around them.

For years we have witnessed our industry become complacent and overpriced in many parts of Australia and we want to dramatically change this by prodiving the best hearing aids Australia. Unlike other online hearing care providers however, Economy Hearing is not in direct competition with brick and mortar hearing care providers as our business model is designed to work with our industry to make hearing care cheaper, easier, and more successful than ever before for more Australians than ever.

To achieve this holistic balance between online, clinician and client, Economy Hearing operates with the following 5 principles that guide us to ensuring a bright and affordable future for hearing care in Australia, and one that gets results for YOU. Guaranteed.