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As many of us have already learned, there is no such thing as the so-called “perfect” relationship. This fairy tale phrase is still used to describe couples who cannot seem to get enough of each other, at least in the public eye anyway. Not only is this supposed bliss usually short lived, but it is also far from fact in most cases. However unfortunate this may be, there is now a realistic and achievable alternative to the myth, which is called a “healthy relationship.

Although it sounds like a tedious workout, it can be exceptionally easy to attain and maintain if you simply pay appropriate attention to important dates and details.

Remembering the Big Dates

One of the big pieces of the lifelong partnership puzzle is remembering not to forget the BIG days of the year. No, not Super Bowl Sunday and Thanksgiving! Those days are for men and we all know it! Not birthdays either, as those are a given. I’m talking about ANNIVERSARIES! Beware, forgetting these days are best not to be underestimated and certainly not overlooked. Because as any man who has spent any time with a woman should know, they have a natural tendency to remember things, not just dates, but everything!

So memorize the date. Perhaps place a customized calendar in your golf bag or beer cooler, whatever it takes to never miss that special annual kiss with your honey. Address this day with a little more love each year and you’ll help to ensure a lasting and healthy relationship. Surprise your sweetheart by stepping it up a notch as you both grow older. Always start with more affection, her favorite confection, and fabulous flowers or jewelry, which never gets old. Then every so often if able, throw in a romantic getaway.

This all makes total sense when you think about it. I mean, let’s be honest, the wedding day itself is normally a whole heck of a lot more important to the bride than it is to the groom. Why would we view the anniversary of that day any differently? They don’t! And men should!

Anyone can get married, it’s actually become overwhelmingly unimpressive, but when a couple can take it and make it to those marvelous milestones such as the 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversary, now that’s impressive. I’ve even heard of celebrations for 75 year marriages. Talk about slow dancing!

Little Things Make A Big

Relationships are hard, but being nice is easy. The key to a healthy relationship is to appreciate who you have and all the great moments you've shared. Don’t stress about the little arguments and minor bad times you experience, when the good times are what you should be focusing on. If your lady is happy, you’ll have more great moments and feelings toward one another.

Here are a few simple little things from our partners Loveawake dating site you can do to put a smile on her face and make her excited to see you every time.

 1.  Write notes.

 There is nothing like a little love note that says something nice to warm your lady's heart. In today’s modern world of email and texting, a simple note that revisits a fun experience or has some kind words to impart will make a big difference. Send it in the mail, hide it in her car, or put it anywhere she’ll stumble across it.

 2.  Simply text her.

 You can always use your cell phone to put a quick smile on her face. Tell her you can’t wait to kiss her or be with her, anything mildly romantic. Building anticipation is a powerful thing and will make for an excellent hello the next time you meet. However, what you shouldn’t do is use your cell phone to act worried or needy. No one likes that.

 3.  Cook for her.

 Make a meal for your significant other every once in a while. It's been said that food is a great way to a man’s heart, but also for a woman. It’s not just about the food, but the effort. Even if you’re not a good cook, make something simple, put out some candles and play some nice music. It’s an easy mini-date.

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