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Simmons Lewis

Welcome to Hair Health & Beauty Professional, the foremost wholesaler of hair & beauty products and salon supplies in Australia. Since 30 plus years, we have built our reputation by providing a massive range of high-superior products for the hairdressing industry. We offer the broadest selection with more than 12,000 individually coded items to choose from the leading brands, which is supported by an Australia-wide delivery service. Our product range is enormous that includes beauty salon supplies, styling products, waxing items, shampoos, conditioners, hair extensions, salon equipment etc.

Moreover, HHB makes a catalogue for hair and beauty consisting of 164 pages, which is published on a quarterly basis. This 164-page catalogue is known as the “Industry Bible” that contains a helpful compilation of all the leading suppliers and the entire range of up-to-date products, which is made available to the wholesale business marketplace.