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It's like it's brand new one of turbo force spring credits we do is bring produce weaker or argue issues coming out and then one highlight turbo force recipes from turbo force issues that we do in case you meet or you know in turbo force next dislike what we think would be old for our deal worth that week  mostly focused I mean just across turbo force board on quake easy fresh healthy dinner sick people commit with supermarket ingredients across turbo force board true and then coming out meet me further refine this team you know I like seasonal so I would do a lot turbo force of stuff that has to-do with turbo force season McDonough timing trailing in turbo force past one  so much growing that Antoinette say no tamarack it's a great segue into this okay satellite but wait that weave to look at where turbo force checks not this particular novice grill master if somebody is that this is this summer that they're going to make it happen and I make a grill happen well I think that  I would say don't everything needs to be on high you should actually maybe what are indifferent ways that things to be cooked but for instance I get this is like turbo force rule of thumb things that are very then like a chicken cut later pork grew up in pork chop or something like that can be cooked over direct I see all turbo force way through things that are error or have more bone in them like it took in or ice art wins or something should be cut over indirect heat an indirect heat means that one side of your grill is she did with calls or with if you ‘reusing a gasket with gas and other side is not seen any put that thing over that side and then you cover up that indirect and direct doesn't like turbo force two example is turbo force main thing that you need to know about grilling is whether or not issue grill interact or indirect and then in a more refined way if you're railing on direct should be on super hyper like we recommend cutting stake center really pretty high keep unless they’re very skeptical porter house but like Anne state like a skirt state or saline or flank steak to make a better really cranky cut you want to get a really nice sierra but you know what turbo force.


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