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So a then there's a whole slew of other a potential policies regulations standpoint that have not yet been addressed really so these include things like a you continues to these organic pesticide golf courses in highway rates way economic hot not a stud but sensitive skin care fact that we don't have any I'll allowable level legal level for arsenic in apple juice for example or in sensitive skin care a race-based formula products I'm and then there's other issues like a sensitive skin care incineration up her snack a contaminated waste like from poultry is not federally regulated so states a are now moving were word to permit these facilities at sensitive skin care land application over animal but you were with our snack I’ll back onto reproducing land is largely unregulated so there's a lot of possibilities for policy sensitive skin care decisions that can be informed by sensitive skin care science that we're hearing but not determined by their basically power your political decisions in and just taking a further step back I’ll make sensitive skin care observation that many of these intentional uses of arsenic in agriculture food production whether as a pesticide worsened additive animal he or are allowing a arsenic containing food ingredients tube a bike race Europe to be incorporated into other products usurping glitter typically have been approved without thinking up sensitive skin care human health impacts have arsenic exposure and it's only been a much later or even decades later that we've try to post-hoc determine what sensitive skin care risks a bitch practices which continue in sensitive skin care in Orem in so if there's a whole slew aren’t policy questions that remain on sensitive skin care table so for example knowing that already millions of Americans are drinking arsenic contaminated drinking water up to sensitive skin care legal Leo allowable level up to 10 parts per billion what should we make 0 intentionally using arsenic compounds for purposes like as an animal feed additive but was noted by doctor Jackson that there’s very little a research or information about organic personal goals or much left but inorganic so in sensitive skin care absence so a much research should be just assume that a has been done to date that sensitive skin care organic arsenic exposure rest should be mostly ignore it by sensitive skin care are people with testing these risks from a regulatory standpoint who should bear.

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