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You can watch today's episode in its entirety from your computer or laptop will be right back welcome back to more state health industry experts to local health program welcome back our guest today again is doctor rate how from positions planet weight management dry pal what circuit right into our top economic standing time let's talk about garcinia cambogia plus difference between being overweight and being all peace cannot walk us through garcinia cambogia plus live there's three different ways of defining obesity versus overweight garcinia cambogia plus first one is what you see in most doctors offices which is called a body mass index garcinia cambogia plus second is way circumference which I’ll go through garcinia cambogia plus definition and also body composition which is garcinia cambogia plus most accurate but most people see this light of four... of garcinia cambogia plus body mass index word shows height against weight and this is actually one of garcinia cambogia plus most inaccurate ways of looking at somebody's waves it doesn't take in effect male or female or garcinia cambogia plus muscle mass but as a general guide and so what they talk about is from nineteen to twenty five is considered normal weight low-risk twenty six two twenty nine is overweight okay thirty is obese thirty-five is morbidly obese and forties extremely by Sophia way over in garcinia cambogia plus red yes I can show some major issues but for many can be an actor in garcinia cambogia plus yellow and red area but garcinia cambogia plus risks that according to that is when you get it garcinia cambogia plus twenty nine or higher your diabetes disco up twenty-seven times high blood pressure heart disease thereto five times stroke is elevated nine cancers are tripled garcinia cambogia plus list goes on and on him with mortality in obesity you can see on garcinia cambogia plus slide that as garcinia cambogia plus body mass index goes higher and higher you get a very high risk for death rate but garcinia cambogia plus next one which is actually more accurate is measuring garcinia cambogia plus waist circumference announcement bat garcinia cambogia plus bellybutton with your breath being just at normal level you measure it right at garcinia cambogia plus belly button and thirty-five inches or greater for women put some puts them in a very high risk affording inches a greater ferment so that something.

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