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rushna ali

I'll we have the experience it really at the fact that the training on in the next slide community workshop the community workshops are led by the chance for trainers I we teach forty to fifty workshop throughout the year all that back in the gardeners and propagation soiled pruning is an extension a saving anything you can think of I'll terms to helping people learn to grow more food in New York City I European despite only get to it um right there back on that there and the top I left keys Parker leading the workshop on canning food preservation type great Eric Tillman in the green shirt leading a workshop on is an extension the bottom left youth Fleming I'm leading a workshop institutionInc on medicinal herbs and the bottom right I Greg I'll Anderson with fine are leading a workshop Goji actives concentrate's these our workshop now in the city are led mostly by community gardeners years ago if you look at the programs for yearly conference isn't community gardening they were led by staff organizations and now the majority of them are led by community gardeners Falcon many of them are just trainers um it's an opportunity for our trainers to get her professional development and of advance their careers quietly Parker who within the canning them all now travels the country to get canning demonstration which he may have done anyway on issued or deleting canning workshops but this has given her more exposure and confident and also a network have supported her work Aortal man in the top grey um now it eating out a class at new school on it be the first community garden back to college on they had called me looking for an instructor Nick and I recommended talking to our trainers a community garden actually ape on with the way for people to I get personal development it's just food work on tomorrow the strains with we reading workshop notion way we look at excess program in the next slide the firm's market program at Karen mentioned came out love her garden coalition actually asking us to help started farmers market I'm her burn coalition last million Verde a community our coalition the farmers market from and we work with groups that are strong and have a passion and commitment and the ability to run their own market we do not run any over the harms market actually had 11 that we worked with here.


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