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All their starters to 68 percent over the last decade and we had a number recent murders which will bring that number to seventy-five percent of all the stars in Bernie’s major systems up one of the other things we looked at was%ah operating expenses the hospitals and so you know not can talk about their internal structure how much they cost to deliver care in Massachusetts and hear me down a great variation along hospitals around he's missed his meds adjusted just rummage up by West 6,000 the highest 19,000 out for the same time just charge I'm head you know even separating outreach liars yep clearly his residence were you factory me travel India amazed this accounts for those coming months the interview the hospital reported measure cost toward this is causing thesis whole reported their own costs their internal structures so different than prices that you know this is our much and what they're charging insurance company per se about out what the you know I think the point here is that there are there's a great variation in our hospitals and how efficiently they are delivering care and what safer colon we did is we line is up against some quality manager and so we have two sons who actually is and this is all %ah you see I'm by really well the scatter chart shows is that there’s no gray correlation between spending more money for just our standards even better body as far as a hostile concern soberer and I have higher should be bothered %uh having a low expense and having really high-quality others are not I'm and beer and this is access remission ratio butiranians number different on metrics and again it holds up I'm sowed see this as an opportunity I'm as a place where we can have conversations with possible brown water that had two techniques that help make them more efficient and in turn hopefully produce some about pressure on preceding made a payment from pairs %uh some of the other finding that we look into your eyes are ways I'm not as you said to me head about we now serve national studies %uh again found many things that the resulting Matthews’s twenty to forty percent of their expenditure from a small those that don't provide a value are preventable readmission possible.

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Health and Beauty in New York
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Health and Beauty in New York
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Health and Beauty in New York
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Health and Beauty in New York
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