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The supplements so if you want to go to a blue star muscle dot com checking out and Alexei I recommend them well man taken up and I also take them myself so it's it’s definitely worthwhile for people who are I'd say late twenties and beyond so mean if you’re pushing  let's say that if you're pushing  and older it's something you might want to look into okay the Ste a alright so I just got to refresh the screen that's all the questions that came through at Face book right now maybe some more coming through sky jump over here getting Nexus command central get to computers going attached sheet levy what do you think make what do you make love think I guess what do you think of rope exercises any benefits not sure what you mean by that why do I think over rope exercises do you mean Lake using the rope attachment the cable station or what there's a lot of if you're still watching this ones and the you stream thing you streamer  to  if you're still tuned anyone to just expand on your question I might be able to help answer that better but I'm a not sure in other question come through can you make a homemade super greens drink at yeah you can't I am a big fan of taking greens drinks myself I like to use athletic greens powder is one that I hope that you see quite a bit and I find It really works good athletic greens powder dot com if you want to go check them out however there's a lot of green supplements on the market me that's just one particular brand that I've really enjoyed but like say there's other once that you can use as well but you can also make your own green streak and all you have to do with me breakup blender and blend of green veggies and I tell you one that I E Lake a lot I will make smoothies with a egg whites pasteurized egg whites protein powder and I will blend up frozen berries as well as frozen green vegetables and blame this all up into like the sick blender smoothie effect I mix it up so thick. 

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health weight loss, Raspberry Ketone Blast, NY ...
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