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I’m trying to carbohydrates from Madrid qualities characteristically been uh... classified as sugars which are single units are short chains who goes to prove just combinations table sugar sucrose has been advocate has been labeled as consistently bad for cult riches starch which is palmer who comes which is consistently labeled as health uh... again the one of the key notions in the design of the original food director sugars with that atoll starches uh... all sorts of the bottom but in fact discussion has been has also been challenged for many years nineteen seventy eight ball questions trillion published in the American journal tradition the consumption of will close by itself versus starch produced identical changes in blood glucose an insult and for those of us from Austin don't leave anything unless it’s published bill Madison no difference in what was a salesperson gross compared to meals with reach uh... or potato starch so what is the senate you could have a bowl of cornflakes with no answer were you could have a poll here t_c_i_ or all of the net there virtually identical so how does this make any sense at all really violates everything that we were taught if we were talking a nutrition in medical school which is mate it was probably you know violated this notion well let's have a look at what happens after consumption unprocessed graham digestive enzymes beginning in the mouth and then of course more powerfully in small intestines have to work their way through the take grain structure fiber and through.

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