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momean mani

That the navy asked me to leave will you please leave you know they were really tired of you and just causing trouble and uh... dealing drugs and guns is a lot allot of that I mean you talk about some bad stuff well some really bad things you know but all those things because I was fortunate I found some mentors later on really helped me to shape my life who was the first mentor who was that first person that helped the other similarly paradigm shifts in your lifetime who was the first one to well it wasn't really a mentor it was somebody who said I couldn't do something so I had a job working at bradleyairport are to insurance companies in their deviation department lens cleaning aircraft you notice uh...menial low labor job which will you know nothing wrong with that uh... to deep down inside that I had more potential but I fasted director of the flight operations you know the guy who ran the whole facility jet pilot you know the student I’d you know finally got up the courage to ask him hate what do I have to do to learn how-to fly that helicopter they had helicopter scores the helicopters injects and you know you just fascinated by that stuff and so he said to me he's a now holding town who sit alone twenty-eight you know he's like well you probably too old where'd you go to college and fruit loops yet who's I said didn’t he said well I would probably forget about it general reeling yahoo said one of two things he could have encouraged you school or he could did what he did and he did what he did but what that did for me was that put little chip on my shoulder and sell like a couple of weeks later another kid was hired as a co-pilot quite a helicopter he wasn't away training you know and we pretend I hated often like a bra a hundred you uh... and what role did you take natal Limbaugh my little story and he was like that yeah at that guy you know that kind deal and he gave me a past and so from that path all those people and the aviation department pilots they kind of took me in an html so I started taking flying lessons and. 

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