oIlY SkiN CaRe CarEM

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sehla kijavni

The pain remembering what I life is really about Hue really ah remembering who you really are and what we came here to do and so when I saw the theme for Women’s Day a.m. EDT first word after matters that the heart was healing I was drawn to this peace because we can Hill we cannot change what we want remembered confront well we welcome Fran and it’s interesting to me how much we try to move away and get away as people from what it is that we really need to be done with an ally okay something bypass from religious figure something putting a man bill that's something or two or three something then you need to be dealing with that I need to be looking at we just keep moving along avoiding and I want to break down why weight be doing that avoidance today but again what helps s too deep personal ads it takes some other fear away cut I do think that there is always in the mix are takes to the field way is ability to seething for what they really hot in bed everyone comes everyone comes like we just said destined to deal with some stuff but they've got to go back in he'll then maybe it's really mad about crushing you it's not about you know you and your situation being shard he just got to rise to the occasion maybe doctor Wayne dyer et by her doctor winged I am he is a spiritual teacher and he is a college psychologist he started out as a psychologist he realize I'm really talking about spirituality and sell he I'm tells an interesting story he said I like to imagine my neighbors he's talking about himself in this way and.


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