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Know who receive that money for the we're in the process right now at doing our review and I right but you're the Inspector Generally aunts my question specifically is do you know who receive that one trillion dollars plus that the Fed extended input on its balance sheet since last week that we Alpha Cut HD do know that that the recipients I do not know we have not left at that criminal area at this particular point on those reviews criminals and what about I'm Bloomberg's report that there are trillions of dollars and off balance sheets transactions that the Fed Reserve is entered into sense last September are you familiar with those off-balance sheet transactions you know I think it may be on-important at this point to just to bring up bomb a certain aspect related to our jurisdiction Alpha Cut HD ingested to clarify perhaps Iran denies it %uh concentrate their I would just says dresses this treat for you guys you haven't heard it this criminality and here's my message to the Federal Reserve days are numbered were coming the jurisdiction I with you prop yourself up one got ready to be crumbled upgrade out 100 see you on the other side resurrect Republic do this if you're worried about your health and you're tired of the nasty side effects have harsh drugs are antibiotics then look no further supernatural silvers the answer supernatural silver is a powerful immune system.

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