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Michael Cohen

– If you are looking for a chiropractor in Sydney around Coogee, Randwick and Eastern Suburbs, you’re on the right place. One of Australia’s largest group of chiropractors (est. 1997) working together and integrating with Nutritionists, Massage Therapist, Naturopaths, Podiatrists, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists, and Fitness Instructors within our clinics. Whether it is pain today or ‘health for life’ we care. Visit now or call +61 293983699

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rating 3/5 Date: 08/07/2012
many are still coming to term with it.Nor can we force thgins that is, everything takes time forgiveness, the growth of increasing awareness (which for some is stagnant as they can't allow themselves the blessing of getting beyond the inward-turning focus on what is an immovable bundle of confused emotion )If someone wrongs me what do I do? Seek revenge/ Slaughter the person? Analyse the person's background? Justify abuse and/or betrayal? Take it and learn from the privileged lesson then find the other person might not have moved on? many options in life. All of which are valid.However, there is no going back. The minute and second that has just gone by can never be known and or experienced again and as much as the distant pain is a product of wrong moves it can never be present again.The mother who miscarries can tell you this, the man who runs off the bridge and into a pram below only to survive, the person framed and wrongly convicted, the person denied a seat on the bus or a job because he is black, too old, gay or whatever life is filled with injustices and expending one's energy on what has passed beyond what is reasonable is a sheer waste of potential.I would encourage those who are torn apart with misery not because they have tehir lives today but because the memory of thgins past is an affliction, and that's what it is without the ability to reflect it is only a memory I would encourage people everywhere to ask of themselves,What have I learned from this horrid experience? Where have I been and how have I been prepared for right here right now?If I could do ONE THING IN LIFE what would it be?Go to the beach? Write a poem? Write a book? Start a business? Take my experience and contribute to others in hope of giving others some sort of awareness (YOU CAN'T MAKE THE BLIND SEE but you can provide ways and means of advancing a way to live a happier life)If someone screams at you then turns around and says, It's YOUR fault. YOU upset me. YOU made me scream ' etc then who really is right? The person copping it sweet or the person trying to shirk responsibility for his/her actions and cast the blame on someone else?'The obvious is the obvious.Butterflies of Hope is evidence of the fact that ALL PARTIES CONCERNED are moving along TOGETHER, and this is the way healing happens restoration cannot take place when people are against each other.

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